Hudson Kreger

About Me

My name is Hudson Kreger, and I’m a junior at Pinckneyville Community High School, and I like making new friends. My favorite hobbies are fishing, farming, solving a rubik's cube, amd I also like helping the community. I do a lot of community service hours, I have over 50 hours of community service.  I helped park cars at Thresherman’s, I help at concession stands, and I help my grandma and grandpa around the house. During the fall I play golf for our golf team and during the winter I manage the basketball team. During the spring I fish. My future goal is to become a successful business owner and own my own facility to make my product. My goal of what to get out of Perry CEO is to learn important life skills.






DISC Characteristics

  • Thinks things through things before acting
  • Presents self in a poised manner to small or large groups of people
  • Tends to be a calming influence on those he works with
  • Very good critical thinker in problem-solving context