There just aren't many words for what we are facing as a nation, and as the whole world. We do not need to panic, but we need to be educated and make smart choices. The mandatory school closings in Illinois have a huge impact on students and families. Students were quiet today as they anxiously awaited the end of CEO so they could head to school to get an idea of what the next few weeks will hold. E-learning and social distancing are becoming commonplace in our vocabulary.

Since CEO is a face to face, relational program, we are in uncharted territory, preparing to have some meetings through an online platform we have access to through Midland Institute for Entrepreneurship and google.
Their first assignment is to revise business plans again, and journal about the effect this shut down has on their own jobs, and their families.
There will not be as much posting on here, as we won't be having business visits. But know that we will be doing what we can to grow and learn through this season!

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